Beaches Men’s League Rules

1. Teams should have 10 players. Teams can play with 8 or 9 players. The team must play, short in the field but there is no automatic out will be given. If a team only has 8 players, the opposing team must supply a catcher for the sole purpose to throw balls back to the pitcher (pitcher or another player must make all other plays at home). Visiting Team can start with 7 Players as long as the 8th Player is at the park or on the way but the 8th Player must be able to be dressed and ready to take his turn at bat and/or be ready to take the field with his team in the bottom of the inning. Failure to do this will result in a Default.

2. If a team only has 7 or less players, they will default the game.

3. If a team defaults, it is scored as a 7-0 score and the defaulted team loses $100 off of Default/Beer Bond Fee.

4. Fifteen (15) minute grace allowed from official start time. (15 min. is included/ in start time).

5. Home team of the first game, must get equipment bag from umpire and put in the bases, bring back hammer to the bag (Bases are 70 feet – where available). Home team of the late game must pick up the bases and bring them to the booth so Umpire can lock them up. During Rain, Home Team is also responsible to work on the diamond to make the field playable (rakes, squeegees, shovels will be available at all diamonds).

6. All games will be 7 innings or 1 hour and 15 minute time limit. Once the inning starts, the inning must be completed. If tied after regulation time, the game remains a TIE. If tied after 7 innings and there is time remaining, then the teams will play until there is a winner or until time permits. There will be NO TIES IN PLAYOFFS. Any extra inning games in Regular Season or Playoffs will use the INTERNATIONAL TIEBREAKER RULE with the last batter from the previous inning starting at second base with 1 out.

7. At Blantyre Park on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, and sometimes at Greenwood on Tuesday’s, the same 2 Teams will play a doubleheader. Games on those nights will be 65 minutes with no new inning to start after 60 minutes. (10 min difference from normal rule).

8. The Safe-Base will be used at first and all Safe-Base rules will apply.

9. No sliding or diving at home or first base. (You can slide or dive at 2nd or 3rd). Once the batter has legally obtained 1st base he can slide going back to 1stbase but he must touch white.

10. MERCY RULE: 12 runs after 5 innings or 4 ½ if home team is winning. (Home team must bat in the bottom of the inning if being mercied).

11. ANTICIPATION will be allowed. (Once a pitched ball has reached or passed or bounced in front of home plate, you may leave the base). If you leave the base before, you will be called out for a LEADOFF. (No pitch is declared, ball is dead, runner, is out).

12. No BUNTING. No CHOPPED BALLS. A chopped ball is a batted ball whereby the batter swings the bat downward with a chopping motion with intent. If this is done the batter with automatically called out and all runners must go back to the base held prior to play.

13. You can Bat everyone in the line-up (18 max) or you can Substitute them using the SPN Re-Entry Rule. You can’t add anyone to your line-up once your team has batted through the order, you must substitute them in the game using the re-entry rule, unless they are your 9th or 10th Player. Your 9th or 10th Player can be added to the bottom of the order up to the Bottom of the 5th inning. Once the 6th inning starts no one can be added to the order. You must substitute them in the game using the SPN re-entry rule.

14. At Dentonia or Blantyre Park any ball that hits the road in the air will be an automatic Home Run. Any batter that hits the road in leftfield only not in the air (bounce, roll or deflection) will be given a ground rule double (all base runners will advance 2 bases). Any Male Batter that hits the road not in leftfield, (center and right field) on a bounce, deflection or otherwise will be given a Homerun, the same as in the air (ask umpire for clarification of poles for double/homerun). Curb, sidewalk and a parked car are considered part of the road (all homerun rules for ball hitting the road apply). If Umpire is unsure than a ground rule double will be called. Any ball that hits tree branches in fair territory will be a ground rule triple, all other certain situations will be Live and Umpire has Final Decision. At Blantyre Park any ball the lands or bounces in the playground will be Live. If a fan interferes with the ball it will be umpire discretion on how many bases the batter will be awarded (same goes at all diamonds). All tree stumps, benches and light posts in fair territory are Live, if hits them and stays in fair territory it is Live. If it hits them and goes on the road or out of play then it will be a ground rule double and all baserunners get awarded 2 bases. Any ball that hits tree branches in foul territory is a dead ball and can not be caught. At Greenwood and McCleary any ball that hits the road in the air or on a bounce, deflection or otherwise will be considered a homerun. At Ted Reeve any ball that lands on the roadway or in the parking lot in the air will be declared a homerun. Any ball in right field that reaches the roadway or parking lot on a bounce, deflection or otherwise will be considered a ground rule double, all baserunners advance 2 bases.

15. Home Plate will be a rectangular board 24 inches by 36 inches (2X3). All rules apply.

16. Uniform rule will be in effect after the 3rd week. All players must have matching tops (same body colour) or have the Team Name on the shirt. For example if one player is wearing the Home white’s and the other player is wearing the Away darks that is fine as long as the Team Name is on the shirt. Any player that does not have a matching shirt will be fined $5.00 by Umpire. Certain situations may be okay under very hot, extremely cold or rainy conditions.

17. No Fake Tags or Fake Cuts, Metal spikes or Intent to Injure, players will be ejected.

18. All regular strike, balls, illegal pitches, etc.. will be taken from SPN Official Rule Book, if you foul your third strike off, you will be called out.

19. COMMIT LINE will be used. All commit line rules will apply. All plays at home will be force plays. NO TAGGING runners between the commit and scoring lines, if this is done runner is automatically called SAFE. Runners can, not touch home plate or mat, if they do, they will be called out. If you touch the line you are considered safe but foot must be down. Once you touch or pass commit line you can not return to 3rd base.

20. Three (3) courtesy runners per game. (Any one, same person can run more than once)

21. Six Runs per inning Rule. (Except – 5th, 6th, 7th and extra innings are Open)

22. If a game is called due to poor field conditions, power failure or otherwise, the game will be replayed. If the game was called after 4 complete innings or 3 ½ if the Home team was winning than it is considered a complete game. If the Home Team was batting when the game was called and they were winning or the game was tied, then the Score will be Official. If the Visiting Team did not complete there ½ of the inning or if the Home Team was losing and did not complete there ½ of the inning when the game was called, then you must revert back to the previous inning and that will be the Official Score. In Playoffs, games may be suspended and played at a later date due to lights going out, etc… Any suspended game will start exactly where the game was suspended. Rained Out games will not be a suspended game. If 4 innings were not completed  (or 3 1/2 if Home Team was winning), then the whole game must be re-played. If 4 innings were completed (3 1/2 if Home Team was Winning) then the game will be Official. League Executive will decide if a game is suspended or cancelled and re-played from the start.

23. The League will be using the ASA Legal bat list as well as the USSSA 2012-16 legal bat list. In order for the bat to be legal it must not be on the ASA/SPN banned bat list and must have either the ASA 2000 or 2004 watermark or USSSA thump print watermark. A list will be given to the coaches and you can also check the SPN website for the list as well. Any one that comes up to bat with an illegal bat may be called out.Umpire may give a waring under certain situations. The Opposing Team also has the right to appeal a play if anyone comes up to bat with an illegal bat. If they appeal before a pitch to the next batter and are right. Batter is out and all runners go back to the base they held prior to pitch. If this happens twice in a game or happens after the umpire has thrown a bat out of the game the Batter and Coach will be ejected and possibly suspended. If someone is caught will an altered, shaved or juiced bat they will be an Out, Ejected and Suspended for 3 Years.

24. Pitchers rubber will be 55 feet from home plate but pitchers have an option to pitch anywhere they want from 55-70 feet and 2 feet from either side of the rubber. Umpire will decide where the distance is and mark a line if he wishes. Umpire Decision will be Final.

25. If a Player in the batting order can not continue to bat, due to injury, ejection or otherwise and you have no substitutes, they will be an automatic out (except for Rule #26).

26. NOTICEABLE INJURY: If a player gets a noticeable injury (broken leg, etc.) the coach may ask the umpire if they can remove the player from the line-up due to noticeable injury, if one of them agree than the player is removed from the line-up and no automatic out is given. This rule is only in effect for guys and a team with 5+ girls. (You must still always follow Rule #24 and never bat more than 2 Guys in a Row).

27. A player may only change a defensive position, once an inning. (pitcher’s excluded)

28. NO DIGGING OUT DIRT IN THE BATTERS BOX. A Player can dig in and smooth out dirt in the batters box but he can not kick out dirt out of the batters box. If he does this he will be warned. if he does this again, he can be called out. If he continues, he can be ejected from the game.

29. At Kew Gardens Left Field out of play starts at the screen and goes to the path by the bleachers and then after the bleachers, extends to the Screen again. Any ball that is caught on the path by the bleachers or in the bleachers is considered dead and out of play.

30. We will be using the Old SPN Batters Box rule. Batter’s Box shall be 7 feet long, extending 4 feet forward and 3 feet back of the board. The Batter’s Box shall be 3 feet in width, forming a rectangle of 7 feet by 3 feet. Anyone that has a whole foot out of the Batter’s Box or a whole foot in front of the Board when they make contact with the ball will be called out. Anyone that makes contact with the board when they make contact with the ball will be called out. All Runners will go back to the legally held base prior to the pitch.

31. Any player ejected from a game will automatically be suspended from next game.



32. Any player ejected twice in a season will automatically be suspended for the next (3) games. Any Player ejected (3) times in one season will be suspended for the Season. Any Player on the League Probation List that gets ejected from a game will automatically be suspended for the rest of the season and Playoffs. The League will review at the end of the Year to see if the Player will be allowed to play the next season.

33. Any player ejected from a game may be suspended for more depending on severity. Any player or coach who physically or verbally threatens, makes a racial or homophobic slur, touches an umpire, player or executive member during or after a game or at a League Banquet, Meeting, Tournament or Function will get a minimum 10 game suspension and possibly a Life Time Ban depending on a League Review. They also will be written up to SPN and face a possible 5 Year Suspension. Any Player that owes the League money will be banned by League & SPN/SPO.

34. Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on any part of park property. Any player who the umpire feels is under the influence will be ejected from the game. Anyone caught consuming alcohol or using illegal drugs during the game will be ejected and given a 10 game suspension. The Team may also forefit the game 7-0 and be fined $100 off Default/Beer Bond. If any player from a Team is caught after the game consuming alcohol on any part of park property the Team may Forefit the game they just played 7-0 and be fined $100 off Default/Beer Bond if they Won the Game. If they lost the game they may forefit there next scheduled game 7-0 and be fined $100 off Deafult/Beer Bond. Umpire or League Executive have the right just to suspend player or fine Team $100 off Default/Beer Bond and not Forfeit game depending on the situation. Players and Coaches may also be given a 2 game suspension. If any Team has a cooler or cooler bag in their dugout or anywhere on park property and it contains alcohol in it (open or not open), the Team may forefit the game 7-0 and be fined $100 off Default/Beer Bond. Any Team that forfeits a game or is fined $100 for drinking on park property must to up Default/Beer Bond by next game or forefit there next game.

35. Non- Dangerous Jewellery is now allowed. If the Umpire feels it is dangerous he may ask the Player to take it off but it is not an Out. If the Player refuses he will be Ejected.

36. Women ARE NOT allowed to play in Men’s League.


38. Games are played Rain or Shine. Umpire has final decision on all Field conditions.

39. Umpire or Executive may make up ground rules, that is in the best interest of the League.

40. Umpire has the right to confiscate any bat that they feel is Altered. The Bat will be taken to the SPN Headquarters for proper testing. If the results show that the bat has been altered. The Bat will not be returned and the offending Team will forfeit the game 7-0, the Player that was using the bat as well as the Team Rep will be Suspended from Our League and from all SPN Tournaments and Leagues for a minimum of 3 Years.

41. If any team member, player, coach or scorekeeper ejected from a game, refuse to leave the park at the requested time, and direct profanity and abuse at the umpire or League Official, the offender(s) will receive an additional 3 game suspension, possibly more depending a full review.

42. If any team member, player, coach of scorekeeper directs profanity and abuse at the umpire or League official after the game is over at the diamond, park, parking lot, etc.., the offender(s) will automatically receive a 2 game supension and possible more depending a full review.

43. All Teams are responsible for their fans. All team fans must follow the same rules as League players, coaches and scorekeepers. If team fans do not follow League Rules regarding verbal abuse to umpires, League Executive or opposing players than the umpire may forefit the game and award a 7-0 win to the opposing Team. Teams may also be fined or expelled from the League because of actions of their fans. This includes the Zero Tolerance of Consumtion of Alcohol and Illegal drugs anywhere on park property.


45. All other rules not listed will be taken from SPN OFFICIAL RULE BOOK.