Team History


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Fat Lane
2012 – Present 2007 – 2011 2006 2005 2003 – 2004 2002 2001
W 112 – L 108 – T 2  W 49 – L 56 W 7 – L 13 W 4 – L 14 W 5 – L 29 – T 2

The team was originally created by Matthew Brady under the name “Life in the Fat Lane” back in 2001.  They joined the Toronto beaches men’s slo-pitch league when it was first created in the city.  Over the first 2 years, it was a struggle to win in the small league.  At one point, they tried to secure the sponsorship deal for a new team name from the local pub called “Loud Mouth Louie’s”, but it only lasted like 5 minutes. The team had to stick with their name and just try to play harder to win.

In 2003, they switched to Division B of the expanded two division league.  Their third season was not the success that they would have hoped for, finishing with a record of 2-16.  The fourth season improved slightly, finishing with a record of 3-13-2.

After two losing seasons, the team decided on a new start and changed their name again in 2005 to “Bond Executive”.  They managed to score alot more this season but the opposing teams scored alot more.  They finished the season with a record of 4-14, improving to the most wins per season so far.

In 2006, the league expanded by adding a new third division “C”, which the team moved down to and also changed its name for a fifth time to “Scratch Daniels”.  This new division and name was the best combo, as they improved their record to 5-13.  But to take it to the next level, they decided to go corporate and in 2007, they re-branded their team and became “Team Google”.

2007 was the break out season by bringing in some big bats and doubled their run output for the season.  Eventhough they stayed in the same division, they managed to finish the season with their best winning record to date, finishing 11-7.

During the “Golden Years” from 2007 to 2011, the team managed to finish about .500 wining percentage, but never managed to crack beyond the second round of playoffs.  Over the course of those seasons, the league expanded to include 5 divisions from “A” to “E”.  In 2009, the team migrated down to division “D” to help their chances at making it farther into the playoffs.

In 2012, the sponsorship contract with Google expired. The team made the decision to rebrand and honor the team’s founder by becoming the team of today, the “Brady’s Bunch”.

Since becoming Brady’s Bunch, the team improved in many areas by infusing some young talent with the veteran players.  Their biggest improvement has been in the defence and pitching.  The team’s main pitcher John Sorbera has elevated his game to a new level, with the past four seasons being the best of his career. The overall defence of the team has earned them as one of the best defensive teams in the division for the past two years (2016-2017).  The 2017 season marked the best winning percentage in teams history, finishing the season 15-3 and in earning 1st place for the regular season of the “E” division.  During the seasons 2015-2019, the team has been one of the best in division E with a overall season/playoff record of 58 W / 30 L / 1 T.

The team did not play in year 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Although the league did have a short season, Brady’s Bunch sat out the year but has returned for the 2021 season.  The 2021 season marked the first appearance in team history in the championship finals.  After losing in the finals in 2021 to Breakwall Bombers, they returned to the finals in 2022 to face Rattlesnakes.  For the 2023 season, the goal is to make it back to the finals and get over that hump to win the championship for the first time!!

Over the years, the team has gone through a cycle of different players.  When the team started out back in 2001, it was a young athletic bunch of guys who loved to play the game.  As they matured and got older, a new batch of young talent started to join the team in 2009.

Today, two members of the original team still exist on Brady’s Bunch and they include John Sorbera and Mike Jackson.

Moving forward to the future, they are looking for the next talent youth to join their team and play some fun summer slo-pitch softball.