Beaches Men’s League Rosters & Regulations

1. Anyone can play on a Team as long as they are 18 years of age and not on the League/SPN/SPO Ineligible or Suspended list. Players under the age of 18 must be approved by League and have parents consent form signed to be eligible for League Play.

2. All Players must register on Official SPN Website. Only Players that our on Official Team Roster on League Website and SPN Website and have signed waiver Online will be eligible for Insurance. (20 Max)

3. You can use other people that are not on your official SPN roster, to avoid a default but they must be 18 Years of age and follow Rule #1 and they must not play on any other Team in the League or follow Rules #4 and Rule #5. In order to be eligible for Insurance purposes you must add them to your SPN roster. You can add Players to your SPN Roster throughout the year but they must get enough games in to be eligible for Playoffs. (see Rule #8)

4. Any player that has played for one Team in the same Division, can not play on another team that season unless they get permission from the League. If a player does change teams he can’t go back to his original team until next season and he must get enough games with his new team in order to be eligible for playoffs. Any Team that is caught using players from other teams will forfeit games that the ineligible player played and face severe suspensions. (This also includes games that count in the Standings and Sunday games in the League Mandatory Tournament).

5. Any Player that would like to play on another Team in the League in a different Men’s Division, must First get permission from the League and sign a Multiple Team Player Acceptance Sheet. Upon acceptance from the League, the player can play on another Team in a different Men’s Division in the League but he must get enough games in with each team in order to be eligible for Playoffs. Players can not go down a level but a player can go up as many levels as they want. (For example an A Division player can only play A but a D Division player could come up and play in the A Division). Each Team is only allowed to have 3 players come up from another level per season. Special Scheduling requests will not be given for Players Playing on more than one Team, so Please do not ask.

6. Winning Teams must email scores to the League or submit the scores themselves online at least 3 days after the game or possibly forfeit the game. Both teams must hand in a line-up card to the Umpire before every game for playoff eligibility. Line-up Cards must be readable with first and last names (no nicknames). Games will not start until line-up card is handed in.

7. If a player is Injured and present at a game, they may have there name listed on the Line-up Card for Playoff Eligibility. (mark injured or pregnant beside their name), you must also point out the player to the umpire to confirm that the player is present at the park.

8. In order to be eligible for Playoffs, you must have played 8 League Games. You are allowed two players with less than 8 games but they must have played at least 3 Regular Season Games but you must designate who these players are before the Playoffs begin. If a game is cancelled and not replayed all players on the roster will get credit with a game played. If a game is started but called because of rain, poor field conditions, darkness or otherwise, only players present at the park and listed on line-up card will get a game played. If a game is forfeited at the diamond only the players present at the park and listed on the official line-up card will get credit for a game played. If the game was forfeited ahead of time then all players on the Winning Team will get credited for a game played. No players on the Defaulting Team will get credited for a game played.

9. Both Teams will keep track of score each inning, Umpire will also ask for score every inning and write down score on his line-up card. Umpire Decision on Score will be Final. Scores and Line-up Cards should be checked at the end of the game, if Teams can not agree on score and umpire can not figure it out, than the Home team score will be used. If only one Team actually kept track then there score will be used.

10. Teams will now have their own password for website and will be able to put in the scores of their games as well as list their roster and update games played for each player. Games played will also be checked by League Executive. Only Players that have played 8 Regular Season games will be allowed to play in Playoffs. You are allowed to designate one player with 3 or more games. Only players listed on your League roster online, with 8 games played and your one designated Player with 3 games played will be on your Playoff Roster. If a player plays in a game that is not on the Official Playoff Roster, and the Opposing Team protets. The Team using the illegal player will forfeit the game 7-0 and the Player will be ineligible for the rest of the Playoffs and the Team Rep will get a 10 Game Suspension. Any Team Rep caught falsifying players games played online, will be given an automatic 10 Game Suspension. In order to be an Official Protest, the Opposing team must let the umpire know before the end of the game, and pay $200 cash. If the Team Wins the Protest they will win the game 7-0 and Cash will be refunded.

11. During Rain, if Teams have not heard from League Executive they must show up to the ballpark. The Parks Department usually cancel the permit for poor field conditions by 4:00pm. If they do we will try to email or call Team Reps by 5:00pm but Please call Rain Line for Updates (416) 833-4806. If Permits are not cancelled and it rains after that, the Umpire will have Final decision on all playing conditions. If he calls the game, due to poor field conditions then teams do not have to have enough players present. If the Umpire calls “Play Ball” and one or both Teams do not have enough players than the game will be defaulted. (see Rule # 3 in Rules Page). Umpire will also decide if games should continue or not during rain and or lightning, it is his Final Decision, be prepared to play in Rain (see Rule #22 in rules). If there is lightning close by the game will be delayed for at least 10 minutes or until lightning goes away. All Rained Out games will be re-played at NO EXTRA CHARGE TO THE TEAMS. However if we have rained out games in late August and they do not mean anything in the Standings and we need to start the Playoffs. Certain games will not be re-played and it will be recorded as a 7-7 Tie. If your Team is involved in a Rained Out game that is not re-played you will get $50 awarded to your Team account. All Rained Out Playoff Games will be re-played and Playoff Games suspended for Rain, darkness or otherwise may be re-scheduled and picked up where the game left off. Teams will not have to pay extra for Rained Out or Suspended Playoff Games. League will cover it. A DECISION ON FIELD CONDITIONS WILL NOT BE DECIDED UNTIL 5:00pm, Please call Rain Line (416) 833-4806 for updates after 5:00pm.

12. Once the Schedule is made there will be no changes to it. If a Team can’t make a game for any reason they must give the League 48 hours notice. If they do they will lose the game 7-0 and be fined $50. If a Team does not give the League 48 hours notice and the opposing Team shows up to the Park than the Team will lose the game 7-0 and be fined $100. $50 will go to the League and the other $50 will go to the account of the team that showed up to the Park. This Rule will also apply to the Mandatory Tournament on all Round Robin Games and Sunday Playoff Round Games. If both teams default, both Teams must pay $100 to the League. A 7-7 Tie will be recorded in all double default situations. Once a Team defaults they must top up their default fee to the League by their next scheduled game or forfeit their next game. If a Team defaults twice in a Season they will be fined $200 for the 2nd Default. The League will get $100 and $100 will go to the account of the Team that showed up. If a Team defaults three times in a Season they will be fined $300 for the third Default. The League will get $150 and $150 will go to the account of the Team that showed up to the Park. They may also be expelled from the League upon a League Review. Any Team that Defaults 4 times in a Season will be automatically Expelled from the League. Once a Team Defaults they must top up their Default/Beer Bond fee by their next scheduled game of forfeit their next game. Same Rules apply for Teams who Forfeit games when they violate League Rules for Abuse of Players, Officials, League Executive, Aggresive Behaviour or Consume Alcohol or Illegal Drugs anywhere on Park Property. Any Team that leaves the League and still owes League Fees or Default/Beer Bond Fees will still have to pay the Fees or Fines. If they do not the Team Rep will be suspended indefinately from the League and SPN/SPO until League fees and fines are Paid, other members on Team may also be suspended.

13. If an Umpire decides to end the game because of bad conduct from a Team, they will lose the game 7-0 and be fined $100. If the Umpire ends the game because of bad conduct from both teams than both Teams will be fined $100 and the score will be a 7-7 Tie. Suspensions can also follow for several players. Teams and players may also be expelled from the League as well as be suspended by all SPN/SPO Leagues, Tournaments and Provincials. Police will also be notified.

14. If a Team Forfeits, Defaults or is expelled from a Game for Bad Conduct in a Tournament or a Playoff game, NO PRIZES OR PRIZE MONEY WILL BE AWARDED TO THAT TEAM.

15. If there is a tie in the Standings, the following Tiebreaker Formula will be used:

  1. Wins
  2. Head to Head
  3. F-A Differential (whole season)
  4. F-A Differential (between all Teams Tied)
  5. Least Runs against (whole season)
  6. Most Runs for (whole season)
  7. Flip of a coin
    * Please note, that if more than 2 Teams are tied, Head to Head will only be used if 1 Team beat all the other Teams tied, if not disregard Head to Head).

16. League Executive will decide Playoff Format, Prizes, Prize Money and Rules each year.

17. Each Team must play in the Mandatory Tournament as some of the games will count in the Standings. If Teams can’t play in the Tournament for any reason they can have their 3 games from the Tournament made up later in the Year but they must pay an extra $300. All Scores during Tournament must be reported to Headquarters within ½ hour of completion of the Game or Teams may Forfeit the Game (No texts, emails or phone calls will be accepted. Teams that Win Prizes must pick up their prizes at Headquarters on Sunday or Forfeit Prizes. All Prize Money Won in the Mandatory Tournament will be taken off Next Year’s fees. Any Team that Defaults any Games in the Mandatory Tournament during the Round Robin or Sunday Tournament Games will be fined $100. Teams must come back to Headquarters after all games are done on Saturday to report scores and see if their Team advanced to Sunday Playoff Round and write down all possible games for Sunday. Teams will not be notified via email or text. Teams must show up to Headquarters to pick up prizes or prizes will be recycled.

18. There will be 3 Meetings a Year. The 1st and 2nd meetings in October and January will not be Mandatory, Teams do not have to show up as long as they pay there Payments 1 week before the Meeting. If they do not pay there payments 1 week prior to the meeting they must show up to the meeting or face a $50 fine. Fall Out Meeting in April is MANDATORY, any Team that does not have a Team Rep present at the Meeting will be fined $50 (NO EXCEPTIONS). There will also be a $50 fine on all NSF Cheques, all fines will be taken out of Default/Beer Bond Fee. Teams that make all their payments on time will be considered “Grand Fathered” Teams and pay “Grand Fathered” Team Prices. Any New Teams or Non-Grand Fathered Teams will have to pay $200 more in League Fees. If a Team is late on any Payment, they will lose their “Grand Fathered” Status.

19. If Teams decide to Leave the League, they will have their Default Fee returned to them (providing they did not Default/Forfeit or accumulate any fines). If a Team decides to Leave the League or is expelled from the League after they have paid a Deposit for the following Season or Current Season at the October, Winter or Spring Meetings. The Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and will not be returned. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

20. Any Player, or Coach who verbally assault a League Executive or Umpire via Phone, Email, Text, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat,… etc.. or Live and in Person regardless if it is a League Game, Meeting, Banquet, Function or not will automatically be Given a minimum of a 2 Game Suspension and possibly more depending on a League Review.

Any Player Ejected for any reason will automatically be suspended for their Next Scheduled Game. (NO APPEALS). Any player ejected twice in a season will automatically be suspended for the next (3) games. Any Player ejected (3) times in one season will be suspended for the Season. If the Suspended Player plays in a game that he is suspended for, the offending Team will forfeit the game 7-0, the Player will get an extra 5 game suspension and the Team Rep will get a 5 Game Suspension. If a Player gets Ejected from a Game, The Team Rep has 24 hours to let the Executive know or the Team Rep and the Player Ejected will get a 2 game Suspension. If any Player on League probabtion list gets ejected, he will automatically be suspended for the Season with a League Review for the Following Season. He will also be put on SPN Suspension List.

22. Any player ejected from a game may be suspended for more depending on severity. Any player or coach who physically or verbally threatens, makes a racial or homophobic slur or physically touches an umpire, player or executive member during or after a game or at a League Banquet, Meeting, Tournament or Function will get a minimum 10 game suspension and possibly a Life Time Ban depending on a League Review. They also will be written up to SPN and face a possible 5 Year Suspension from ALL SPN TOURNAMENTS, LEAGUES AND FUNCTIONS. POLICE WILL ASLO BE NOTIFIED. Any Player that owes the League money for League or Tournament Fees, Default, Forfeit, Beer Bond or other fines will be banned by League & SPN/SPO and will be unable to participate in any Beaches Men’s or Coed League, SMRSPL Sunday League or SPN/SPO Sanctioned Tournaments, Leagues, Provincials or Functions until the Money is Paid..

23. All suspensions, protests and rules rulings will be reviewed by President, Rules Committee and Division Coordinators. All Final decisions will be decided by them. If the President, Division Coordinator or anyone on the Rules Committee is affiliated with any Team involved in a suspension, protest or a rule ruling they will not be able to make a Vote, they will have to sit out and let the rest of the members come up with the Decision.

24. If any Team still owes money after the Season has started, they will forfeit all games 7-0 until all the money is paid. Teams may also be expelled from the League and all Teams that had games scheduled against them will be awarded 7-0 victories. Teams that are expelled from the League will not have any Money or Deposits they have paid RETURNED TO THEM. Team Rep’s will be suspended from the League, SPN/SPO affiliated Leagues, Tournaments and Provincials until Money is Paid. All Players on that Team’s Roster is also eligible to be suspended from the League SPN/SPO affiliated leagues, Tournaments and Provincials until Money is Paid. Any League Teams that enter a Hammertime Tournament and cancel less than 48 hours before the Tournament, will have to pay the full cost of the Tournament by their next League Game of they will lose all games 7-0 until Money is Paid and possibly be expelled from the League, Players on their Roster may also be Suspended.

25. League Banquet will be held in November. Banquet is Optional. Tickets will be $25.00/each and sold on a First Come, First Serve Basis. Trophies will be Given out to MVP’s and Most Sportsmanlike Players to Team’s attending the Banquet Only. Annual League Awards for Playoff Winners and Special Individual Awards will also be handed out at the League Banquet as well. All Prize Money Won by Teams for Winning League, Playoffs or Tournament will be Taken off the Following Year’s Fees.